Chatting YAKKAY Helmets

YAKKAY Tokyo New Jazz Helmet
YAKKAY Helmet Base
Hip Hip Yakkay! Our new delivery of YAKKAY helmets have just arrived at our US HQ in San Francisco.

For those who have not come across these revolutionary bike helmets yet, let me start by giving you a little background information about them. YAKKAY is a Danish Company and, by their own claim, make 'brainwear for smart people'. YAKKAY helmets consist of a gloss black helmet base with 5 ventilation holes on top and a cover of your choice.

We currently have two YAKKAY helmet styles in stock, which we have chosen as our favorites out of YAKKAY's product selection. However, if you prefer a different YAKKAY helmet style, over those listed below, please let us know by sending us an email and we'll try to order it in for you: info(at)thebicyclemuse(dot)com

YAKKAY Paris Helmet

The first style is the YAKKAY Paris Helmet, which is a cap style with a peak at the front. We have this particular bicycle helmet style in two different color options (see images below).
  1. Herringbone YAKKAY Paris Helmet, which is sleek and trendy
  2. Oilskin Black YAKKAY Paris Helmet, which is sleek and rather sophisticated

YAKKAY Paris Herringbone Helmet
YAKKAY Paris Black Oilskin Helmet

YAKKAY Tokyo Helmet

The second style we offer is the YAKKAY Tokyo Helmet, a trilby style with a rim going all the way around. This stylish bike helmet comes in two ravishing color options, which we are proud to offer on our site:

  1. The Stylish YAKKAY Tokyo New Jazz (pictured at the top of this post) 
  2. The Nautical YAKKAY Tokyo Blue Stripe Helmet (see image below)

YAKKAY Tokyo Blue Stripe Helmet

Buying Your YAKKAY Helmet Online

There are obviously some drawbacks to buying bicycle helmets online. Specifically, it's always nice to try bicycle helmets on, but we're here to explain that it's definitely not impossible to find the right fit. In addition, buying bicycle helmets online can save you a lot of hassle.

From my experience in talking with customers and helping them find the right helmet, here are some tips and advice for buying your bicycle helmets online:

1. Measure your head accurately. YAKKAY Helmets come in Small, Medium, and Large (S: 53 - 55cm M: 55 - 57cm L: 57 - 59cm). The best way to measure your head is to use a flexible tape measure and bring it all the way around the circumference of your head, across the middle of your forehead, just above your ears and around the widest point at the back of your head. This will determine which size bracket you fall under. 

2. Choose a cover. This will largely depend on the type of hat you would usually wear. If you're more comfortable with a cap style, the YAKKAY Paris Helmet is for you. If prefer a sunhat/trilby style, then go for the YAKKAY Tokyo Helmet. When choosing a color option for a particular helmet style, it is a good idea to think about what color/shade clothes you usually wear and which color will compliment your everyday outfits. By doing this, you will be choosing a timeless bicycle helmet option.

3. Familiarize yourself with the helmet. So you've selected your cover and size, placed your order with us at The Bicycle Muse and your YAKKAY helmet has arrived. Here's an instructional video from YAKKAY to show you how to put the cover on the helmet, how to ensure the helmet is sitting in the correct position and how to apply the sponge pads.

YAKKAY Helmets Inspire Stylish Change

When you first put the helmet on it does feel a little like wearing a bowl, but this is where the sponge pads come in! The sponge pads are truly a great idea, as everyone has a different shaped head, to give you the flexibility to fit the helmet specifically to your head. You may also find when you first put it on and look in the mirror, that the helmet looks bigger than a hat would! This is fairly obvious as there is a helmet underneath. We often get customers who initially feel self conscious for this reason. Usually, they find that once they have have worn it a few times they get used to it and the compliments they receive about their new stylish bike helmet outweigh any worries!

Also, YAKKAY Helmets feel very light and are comfortable to wear whilst cycling. The ventilation holes and the circular pads ensure you get air circulating within the helmet, so you don't get too hot and sweaty.

I have to admit that, although we have been selling the YAKKAY helmets on our UK site for over a year now, I have always worn a Bern helmet and have not converted to the YAKKAY. But, I now feel it's time for a change! 

So following my own advice, I've measured my head and at 56cm I am a Medium. The Blue Stripe YAKKAY Tokyo Helmet is very similar to my sunhat and I wear lots of navy clothes, so this seems like the obvious choice and I am rather pleased with it! 

Let me know what you think? Or, do you have a YAKKAY Helmet? If yes, send me a pic and tell me what you like/dislike about them? Lets start Chatting YAKKAYS!