Kitsch Kitchen Pannier Bags

Great on you, great on the bike!
Price: $70 + $15 Shipping (Email thebicyclemuse@gmail to place an order and we will send you a PayPal or Google checkout invoice)
Cheerful bright and super practical the Kitsch Kitchen will brighten up any bike. Plenty of space for a laptop for your commute or groceries for a trip to the shops.

• 2 metal Hooks that clip firmly over the bicycle back rack (see picture on the right)
• Zip up cuff to cover hooks so they don't rub when carrying the pannier bag off the bike
• 2 front pockets and a zip up inside pocket. Zip to close
• Made from easy to clean, waterproof oilcloth
• W:35cm, H:35cm, D: 15cm

We get new patterns and colours of the Kitsch Kitchen bags each season so there's always plenty to choose from.
Our current selection in the USA 
Yellow Floral

Orange Floral

Blue Floral
Red Floral

Red Floral

Black Parasio

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