Classic herringbone meets the modern Yakkay

Fond thoughts about fish bones may not swim to mind when you spot the distinctive, v-shaped weave, but top off any wardrobe with a little classic "herringbone" and you're sure to spawn compliments for your traditional, sophisticated style. The Bicycle Muse is excited to offer this timeless pattern as a cover option for the glorious Yakkay helmet, making sure you keep the noggin both safe and classy.

With fall weather creeping around the corner, your favorite wool and tweed jackets are probably getting anxious to ditch the hanger and accompany you on fall rides around town. The Herringbone Paris Yakkay is an ideal match to these heavier autumn-friendly fabrics, the black and white diagonals make for a nice compliment to the earth-toned palette of light jackets, comfy sweaters and fuzzy scarves.

Need some irresistible examples of how to mesh herringbone with your cycling wardrobe and your ride of choice? Take a look-see at these Bicycle Muse suggestions for guys and gals alike:

Ralph Lauren is always spot on with timeless staples and this new 'Back to University' collection does it again with lots of handsome, heather grey, school boy charm, vests and bowties. The Yakkay would definitely make the grade for any item on this roster.

A vintage Raleigh couldn't find better accompaniment than the herringbone's old world charm. Cool, calm, collected-- this bike was meant for smooth.

Don't be afraid to add in some color! The herringbone loves solid primary colors like this golden wheat, lady-like tweed jacket from J. Crew. Great with skirt or trousers, this multi-purspose coat comes with a twist on tradition: an uneven weave, chunky wood buttons and an extra textured-edge.

This extra-nice Raleigh Superbe Sports Tourist is straight out of 1951, but doesn't look a day over easy-breezy. The herringbone Yakkay will sing while riding atop this gem.