Double up your denim with the Milano Yakkay

Supermodels can rock just about anything, but it's especially lovely when their fashion choices can walk off the runway, too. This week Kate Moss showed up at the Mulberry Spring 2012 show in London wearing what The Huffington Post coined a "Canadian tuxedo," otherwise known as a double-dose of denim. Her faded and fitted top tucked neatly into those light-blue slims and tall boots for a super chic take on casual.

Every girl can appreciate the strength and fit of genuine jean material and there's no denying how complimentary the shades of blue can be to the rest of your wardrobe. Yakkay's Milano Blue Denim helmet is your head's chance to rock the classic blue-jean baby and in the spirit of Miss Moss, why not double-dip your denim with some of these Bicycle Muse picks:

A long sleeve denim shirt is an essential, so grab a good one, like this BCBGeneration Alexander version, complete with irresistible details: Western notes, a light to dark wash and big pockets.

Topshop's Denim Ditsy bodysuit looks a little intimidating but she's loaded with potential. Wear this gem like a tank top on a steamy, summer ride and show off its mesh back while passing through traffic. Add under a cardigan or leather jacket for a more laid-back, femme-denim approach.

Roll up your trousers and strap on that Yakkay-- this Linus Mixte 3 is begging for a roll around the block. The frame may not be jean-colored, but the sky blue shines and dazzles alongside any fellow indigo hues.

Get blue down to your toes with these super comfy Treasure Denim V Pumps and wear some kicks that look just as good on the pedals as they do on solid ground. The 100% cotton means these slip-ons are simple, sleek and stretchy.

Bloom year-round with the new flowery Yakkay

Our yearly rendezvous with old man winter may be next on the calendar, but it's no reason to hide your true love for April showers and May flowers. Yakkay's newest "Flower" helmet cover is packed with pretty; bursting with a garden of delicate petals in hushed hues of pink, red, orange and green. Is this uber femme gem really a helmet, or a girly hat ready to spring your bicycle wardrobe into the cold season with optimistic beauty? Of course that was a trick-- it's both! Now for the real question: where else can you plant some fetching floral?

Topshop's Pansy Fit and Flare Dress is not only super cute and girly, but the easy ruffle of the skirt promises smooth, uninhibited riding. Layer the simple sleeveless over a pair of leggings, tights or fun bloomers for extra warmth when the sun sets or add a cotton cardigan to keep your arms cozy.

Ahh, rompers! Modcloth's retro inspired one-piece by Stop Staring wins points no matter if your plans are rowdy or prim and proper. The pleated bust and high waist flatter, while the flexible fabric makes sure you can spin your wheels, run and play. Match your lipstick to the rosy red belt and pucker up!

The Pashley Poppy in pastel blue is an obvious bff to a field of blossoms and just begs you to ride it while you not only wear the roses, but smell them, too!

Get extra girly and add on a whole garden variety of nature-inspired prints, like the Kitsch Kitchen pannier in eye-popping orange. The bees (and beaus) will be trailing behind you!

Classic herringbone meets the modern Yakkay

Fond thoughts about fish bones may not swim to mind when you spot the distinctive, v-shaped weave, but top off any wardrobe with a little classic "herringbone" and you're sure to spawn compliments for your traditional, sophisticated style. The Bicycle Muse is excited to offer this timeless pattern as a cover option for the glorious Yakkay helmet, making sure you keep the noggin both safe and classy.

With fall weather creeping around the corner, your favorite wool and tweed jackets are probably getting anxious to ditch the hanger and accompany you on fall rides around town. The Herringbone Paris Yakkay is an ideal match to these heavier autumn-friendly fabrics, the black and white diagonals make for a nice compliment to the earth-toned palette of light jackets, comfy sweaters and fuzzy scarves.

Need some irresistible examples of how to mesh herringbone with your cycling wardrobe and your ride of choice? Take a look-see at these Bicycle Muse suggestions for guys and gals alike:

Ralph Lauren is always spot on with timeless staples and this new 'Back to University' collection does it again with lots of handsome, heather grey, school boy charm, vests and bowties. The Yakkay would definitely make the grade for any item on this roster.

A vintage Raleigh couldn't find better accompaniment than the herringbone's old world charm. Cool, calm, collected-- this bike was meant for smooth.

Don't be afraid to add in some color! The herringbone loves solid primary colors like this golden wheat, lady-like tweed jacket from J. Crew. Great with skirt or trousers, this multi-purspose coat comes with a twist on tradition: an uneven weave, chunky wood buttons and an extra textured-edge.

This extra-nice Raleigh Superbe Sports Tourist is straight out of 1951, but doesn't look a day over easy-breezy. The herringbone Yakkay will sing while riding atop this gem.

Roll with the SF Bike Party this weekend

Biking to a hot party is a prime way to spend a Friday night, but the evening gets a whole lot cooler when the entire party cruises along beside you. This Friday The San Francisco Bike Party will throw down another installment of their monthly wild rides and everyone who likes to peddle in a pack is invited to join.

Happy, safe and playful, the SFBP is the optimistic cousin of the well-celebrated Critical Mass, a ride hosted in many cities reminding drivers to share the road with cycles. Although CM can be a social event, politics, pompous cops and irritated drivers often make the event feel heavy. On the contrary, SFBP is a straight-up party on two-wheels, with riders of all ages and skill levels celebrating their love of bikes in a easy-going fashion.

The SFBP started in January of this year and each month the co-op of organizers pre-plan a route with enticing scenery and plenty of cool rest stops, like Sunset Beach and Alamo Square. People load up racks with fat speakers and lots of extra blinkies for flashy decoration. Panniers are surely packed with all sorts of party favors and wild accessories, ensuring everyone is prepared for each dance party pull-over. Monthly themes encourage cyclists to dress up themselves and their bikes, like August's Steampunk motif and this weekend's Ghost Town edition, playing off the fact that half of the city has temporarily moved out to the playa.

This Friday, SFBG will roll through an assortment of neighborhoods, including swanky Cow Hollow, the jazzy Filmore and even a detour into Japan Town. Stops will include a sweet, hill-top playground and a super-secret surprise at the Golden-Gate-facing Crissy Field. The party will officially put down the kickstand under the Arrow at the Embarcadero but the party don't stop just because the wheels stop turning.

Not from San Francisco? Start your own bike party and make sure to send us photos.

Cycling like the celebrities

Images of the rich and famous doing average activities like grocery shopping and walking their kids to school are a snooze, but when a celeb decides to leave their fancy four wheels parked in the garage and takes two out on the road, the camera eats up every pedal.

Big smiles, sexy couples, fresh fashion and shiny rides hit the pavement, rolling past the paparazzi and pleasing the crowds of adoring fans at bay. Celebrities have the power to influence all sorts of trends and biking is one we will gladly stand behind.

This summer's heat wave has brought a handful of stars and their bicycles out and about in New York (check the adorable Kirsten Dunst pictured above) and whether they're tired of taxis, getting a little exercise or just want to feel the wind in their million-dollar locks, they and their rides, immediately take the city's center stage.

Katy Perry and husband Russell Brand pedal through Central Park before stopping for dinner at a park side cafe. Complete with bells and lights, the happy couple was ready for an all night bike-date.

The summer's hottest couple, Blake Lively and Leonardo Dicaprio, played off the heat by biking through downtown traffic on their super suave, Swiss-made Stromer electric bikes. Are they riding against traffic? Maybe Leo and Liv should wear matching Yakkay helmets next time...

Model Helena Christensen and her vintage cruiser look effortlessly picturesque and totally chic while running errands across the city.

Actress Marisa Tomei and long-time beau Logan Marshall-Green riding romantic in the Big Apple last summer.

Keep cozy in a windbreaker on summer night rides

Days are hot and sticky, but night's cool breeze and bright moon make riding in the summer an absolute must. From trips to the beach in itty bikinis and floral dresses, to BBQs in jumpers and tank tops, daylight outfits can usually transfer into evening, as long as they're topped with a light jacket to shield from the cooler temperatures you'll meet while cruising through town.
Enter the windbreaker.

Stores carry a large assortment of light jacket options in the spring, but when your mode of transportation depends on physical mobility, choices that are thin and light will keep your wheels turning faster. The classic windbreaker is the cycle chic's ultimate answer and thankfully brands are coming out with lady-fitting takes on the '90s style.

The paper-thin fabrics used to make windbreakers also mean they're easy to store-- no need to worry about cramming a clunky coat in your purse or making room for a blazer alongside booze, snacks and picnic blankets in your pannier. Windbreakers don't wrinkle, meaning you can twirl it, tie it and crush it into any available space without borrowing an iron later.

Check out The Bicycle Muse's wind-sheilding picks:

American Apparel's Unisex Lightweight Taffeta Emergency Jacket comes in a rainbow of colors that can match up with your bike or your new Yakkay helmet. The best part: this little guy folds up into sewn-in metal zipper pouch, making storage even easier. So practical and yet so pretty in purple.

Unfortunately a lot of retailers seem to think that boys are the only ones who need protection from the wind and only stock guy sizes. Luckily, windbreakers aren't meant to fit like tube tops and therefore small boy sizes fit just fine. This BDG Cotton Windbreaker from Urban Outfitters is a little dressier than the usual and it comes with a ton of pockets-- bonus!

Adidas was the king of bright, super flashy windbreakers a few decades ago and they're still rolling with a couple retro-inspired looks like this Colorado Wind Jacket. The shiny metallic Trefoil on the back means cars will see you better as you rip through the streets and this patriotic gem also has a hidden hood for extra breezy nights by the water.

Kitsch Kitchen panniers: The perfect farmer's market companion

The summer harvest is full of crisp veggies and sweet fruits, ripe for the shopping at your local farmer's market and the perfect excuse for a Saturday morning ride. Grabbing groceries on a bike can be tricky, especially if your hungry eyes rake in a full load, but shack up with a Kitsch Kitchen pannier you can keep your hands free and your delicious finds safe.

Take note from The Bicycle Muse's tips for biking to the market:

  • Park your bike in one location: Locking and unlocking is a pain. Keep it simple and central.
  • Pack a pannier: The Kitsch Kitchen panniers are a perfect way to stash all your goods in one sturdy, easy to attach/detach bag....and it's adorable. Unhook it from your bike's rack and carry it from the green bean vendor to strawberry tent. Check out the selection of summery floral patterns available now.
  • Pack lightly: The Kitsch Kitchen will amaze with how many items can fit happily inside, but don't get pushy. While it's tempting to buy everything in sight, don't cram your pannier with an oversized load or you'll end up with squished, bruised and leaky bits.
  • Keep it close to home: If you bike local, why not shop local? Buy from tents that source from farms as close to home as possible and not shipped-in from other regions.
  • Watch for sales: If it's in season, the price is going to be right. The good thing about summer: a new variety of produce pops up every week. Download the Locavore App for your phone and find out what's in season near you and what markets are carrying your craving.