Keep cozy in a windbreaker on summer night rides

Days are hot and sticky, but night's cool breeze and bright moon make riding in the summer an absolute must. From trips to the beach in itty bikinis and floral dresses, to BBQs in jumpers and tank tops, daylight outfits can usually transfer into evening, as long as they're topped with a light jacket to shield from the cooler temperatures you'll meet while cruising through town.
Enter the windbreaker.

Stores carry a large assortment of light jacket options in the spring, but when your mode of transportation depends on physical mobility, choices that are thin and light will keep your wheels turning faster. The classic windbreaker is the cycle chic's ultimate answer and thankfully brands are coming out with lady-fitting takes on the '90s style.

The paper-thin fabrics used to make windbreakers also mean they're easy to store-- no need to worry about cramming a clunky coat in your purse or making room for a blazer alongside booze, snacks and picnic blankets in your pannier. Windbreakers don't wrinkle, meaning you can twirl it, tie it and crush it into any available space without borrowing an iron later.

Check out The Bicycle Muse's wind-sheilding picks:

American Apparel's Unisex Lightweight Taffeta Emergency Jacket comes in a rainbow of colors that can match up with your bike or your new Yakkay helmet. The best part: this little guy folds up into sewn-in metal zipper pouch, making storage even easier. So practical and yet so pretty in purple.

Unfortunately a lot of retailers seem to think that boys are the only ones who need protection from the wind and only stock guy sizes. Luckily, windbreakers aren't meant to fit like tube tops and therefore small boy sizes fit just fine. This BDG Cotton Windbreaker from Urban Outfitters is a little dressier than the usual and it comes with a ton of pockets-- bonus!

Adidas was the king of bright, super flashy windbreakers a few decades ago and they're still rolling with a couple retro-inspired looks like this Colorado Wind Jacket. The shiny metallic Trefoil on the back means cars will see you better as you rip through the streets and this patriotic gem also has a hidden hood for extra breezy nights by the water.