Kitsch Kitchen panniers: The perfect farmer's market companion

The summer harvest is full of crisp veggies and sweet fruits, ripe for the shopping at your local farmer's market and the perfect excuse for a Saturday morning ride. Grabbing groceries on a bike can be tricky, especially if your hungry eyes rake in a full load, but shack up with a Kitsch Kitchen pannier you can keep your hands free and your delicious finds safe.

Take note from The Bicycle Muse's tips for biking to the market:

  • Park your bike in one location: Locking and unlocking is a pain. Keep it simple and central.
  • Pack a pannier: The Kitsch Kitchen panniers are a perfect way to stash all your goods in one sturdy, easy to attach/detach bag....and it's adorable. Unhook it from your bike's rack and carry it from the green bean vendor to strawberry tent. Check out the selection of summery floral patterns available now.
  • Pack lightly: The Kitsch Kitchen will amaze with how many items can fit happily inside, but don't get pushy. While it's tempting to buy everything in sight, don't cram your pannier with an oversized load or you'll end up with squished, bruised and leaky bits.
  • Keep it close to home: If you bike local, why not shop local? Buy from tents that source from farms as close to home as possible and not shipped-in from other regions.
  • Watch for sales: If it's in season, the price is going to be right. The good thing about summer: a new variety of produce pops up every week. Download the Locavore App for your phone and find out what's in season near you and what markets are carrying your craving.